The Equine Instructors

Solo (School Master)

Solo is a 1997 chestnut Anglo-Arabian gelding. He was born and raised under Miss Marka's care as he is Overly's one and only foal. While he stands 15.2 hands high (62 inches tall) and weighs in at 1100lbs as a mature adult, Solo is gentle and obedient. He has been used for beginner riders for several years and is an excellent riding mount to build confidence on. His favorite activities are trail riding, eating grass and getting lots of attention and delicious treats from his young riders. Solo is currently trained up to third-level in dressage and was competed very successfully in his youth receiving a 60% Achievement Award in the 2001 East Coast Regional Dressage Association as a mere 4-yr old!


Carbon is a 2008 black Andalusian x Arabian. He is currently trained to first level dressage and is jumping 2'9". Carbon is our newest lesson asset and is the best choice for our more advanced riders looking to move up the levels in dressage and/or begin jumping.


Artex is a stunning mountain welsh pony who seems to thrive on the constant attention he receives from his young adoring riders. Artex was selected to help teach our youngest and most timid riders due to his very small size of just 12 hands and his outstanding temperament. He is simply one of the sweetest (and prettiest) ponies you will ever meet! We like to call him "Artex the T-Rex" because he has such a ravenous appetite!